Silent Multi-Factor Authentication

Always on, scalable MFA protection without customer effort, authentication apps, OTPs, SMS and Friction. 

We call this progress.

Introducing Silent MFA

MFA is now a common practice to mitigate against identity theft, phishing attacks, account takeovers, and other digital threats. However, the effort and support required to educate and onboard users are one of the reasons MFA remains optional in many consumer applications. Haventec is solving this challenge through the introduction of Silent MFA. Product leaders can activate 'silent' (invisible to the end-user) MFA for their customers without disruption. Customers do not need to install authentication apps, switch devices or apps for another authentication factor, or worry about physical tokens. MFA becomes a single-step experience offering strong customer authentication and peace of mind.
Inconsistent authentication experience >>
Your authentication experience is fragmented and lacks consistency.
Low activation rate >>
Your sign up process causes abandonment and negatively impacts revenue.
Undifferentiated experience >>
Your 'Me Too' authentication solution doesn’t scale and is holding you back. 
Security Tradeoffs >>
Your MFA solution adds friction and is better left optional regardless of heightened security risks.
Unify the authentication experience

Unify the authentication experience

Provide customers with a delightful and consistent authentication experience across all digital channels. Give users a choice between a PIN and Biometric for a seamless and inclusive authentication experience that enhances product adoption and customer lifetime value. 

Grow you customer base

Attract and retain customers

Improve customer adoption by simplifying the onboarding experience. No passwords, no secret questions and no authentication apps for customers to download and setup. Every authentication becomes an opportunity to delight your customers, improve NPS and achieve your product's growth targets. 

Reduce risk and fraud

Leverage high-assurance authentication

Eliminate phishing and credential theft with a patented Silent MFA that leverages advanced cryptography for high-assurance authentication. Delegate the burden of MFA to technology and ensure your customers have a safe, simple and secure access to your application.

Augment CIAM with silent MFA

Augment your CIAM with Silent MFA

Integrate Haventec Authenticate with your CIAM solution to enable Silent MFA that is invisible to the user. Your customers will no longer need to switch devices or application for a second authentication factor. Easily integrate with leading solutions such as Microsoft, Auth0, OKTA, Ping and ForgeRock.

Protect customers and brand with a patented, award-winning technology that significantly reduces risk

Features you'll love

Secure by design

Haventec Authenticate is genuinely passwordless, eliminating the root cause of 80% of cyber attacks - the password. Product owners can finally eliminate centrally stored credentials and the complex security controls required to secure them. 
Secure By Default

Effortless sign-ups and sign-ins

Seamless authentication without a password setup, password resets, secret questions and authentication apps. Haventec’s high-assurance Silent MFA technology means that your customers will no longer need to switch devices or applications for secure authentication.
Pin and Biometric Options with Haventec

Silent MFA

Fast-track the adoption of multi-factor authentication across your customer base. Silent MFA, powered by advanced cryptography, is always-on and reduces the risk of credential theft, account takeover and fraud.

Seamless MFA

Standards-based integration with your CIAM

Your CIAM platform provides strategic value for your organisation. From rich customer-generated data informing product innovation to progressive profiling enabling segmentation and personalisation. Haventec Authenticate helps you unlock additional trapped value in your CIAM by reducing both abandonment rates and the time to onboard new customers.



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Meet the requirements of key stakeholders

Go live with confidence
Ensure speed to market, accelerate adoption and growth.
Build, integrate and scale
Innovate at pace with standards-based CIAM integration.
Reduce risk

Eliminate phishing and credential theft with passwordless MFA.


Improve customer experience

Achieve a unified experience, reduce churn and delight customers.

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