A secure SaaS-based customer identity and access management platform without passwords.

Safe. Simple. Secure.

In a world beset by data breaches, the traditional password is leaving you and your customers vulnerable to exploitation. 

Go passwordless with a CIAM platform that provides cyber security confidence, ensures speed to market and accelerates adoption.

Trusted by Australia's #1 digital bank

  • Sign-up and transact in less than 2 minutes
  • Eliminate phishing
  • Delight customers at every interaction
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Why choose Haventec CIAM

Secure by default

Haventec CIAM is passwordless and secure by default. With Haventec's decentralised authentication engine at its core you can eliminate the need for passwords and cumbersome MFA.

Accessible and inclusive

Give your users choice with authentication options that cover PIN and Biometrics. Ensure security, accessibility and convenience are at the heart of your application so you can attract, retain and grow your customer base.

Cost effective

Reduce operational costs by eliminating password reset calls to your Help Desk and leverage an active user licensing model that scales as your business grows. 

Standards-based integration

Get up and running in days rather than months regardless of language or platform by leveraging our suite of restful APIs. 

Granular user management

Onboard and manage customers and devices with confidence and access easy options for migrating existing customers.

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