Consent for eHealth

Reimagining the digital consent experience with a solution to securely store and share sensitive health information.
Before a solution like Haventec, the effort and know-how required to provide access to, and protection of a patient’s precious data was immense. Genomic data tells an immutable story of a person’s past, present and future which deserves the best protection technology and innovation can possibly facilitate.
Mark Grosser
CEO, 23Strands

Australia's 1st eHealth consent solution designed for practitioners and patients

Haventec's eConsent platform leverages the power of Haventec’s decentralised storage and authentication products - Sanctum and Authenticate - with a powerful consent capability that enables patients and health providers to securely store, consent and share personal health information.

Digital privacy meets innovation

Haventec delivers a cyber-secure digital health consent solution with joint funding from AustCyber.

Protection for personal health information and digital identities

Decentralised security

Leverage the combined capability of Haventec's decentralised storage and authentication platforms to provide a secure digital experience for storing and accessing sensitive health data.

Privacy by design

Consent management is a critical function in electronic health. Haventec Consent for eHealth gives patients complete control of who can access their data, and the ability to give, and remove, consent.

Seamless and secure communications and consent can be delivered to all stakeholders at every level of care.

Seamless Experience

Haventec Consent for eHealth provides patients and health practitioners with an intuitive and consistent digital experience that drives adoption.

Proactive Compliance

The unprecedented deployment of digital health technologies, coupled with a global push for openness and connected care have resulted in an increased regulatory focus on privacy and consent.

Haventec enables health care providers to proactively manage cyber risk and simplify compliance with privacy controls across various standards, including HIPAA, GDPR and the Notifiable Data Breach scheme. 

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