Haventec Authenticate

World's #1 authentication engine for privacy and experience


Authentication you'll love and trust

Haventec Authenticate is a decentralised authentication engine that eliminates friction and enables safe, simple and secure access for customers, citizens and employees.

Haventec Authenticate is powered by an internationally patented Rolling Key technology consisting of dynamic, single-use public and private keys.


Authentication Solutions

Haventec Authenticate's market leading authentication solutions, including passwordless and Silent MFA, can be integrated into your existing IAM or accessed through our CIAM-as-a-Service.

Silent Multi-factor Authentication

Add seamless MFA to your current authentication experience and improve your security posture.

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Passwordless Authentication

Integrate Haventec Authenticate with your current IAM solution and eliminate passwords with confidence.

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A cost effective end to end CIAM platform that reduces risk and enhances customer experience.

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Breaking the pattern of conventional MFA

How to deploy multi-factor authentication without losing customers