MFA your Customers and Board Will Love

High assurance multi-factor authentication without SMS, one-time PINs, authenticator apps, USB keys, QR codes or friction. 

Analysts call this progress. We call it Silent MFA.

Trusted to secure over 1,000,000 identities

Are you facing any of the below MFA challenges?

You enabled opt-in MFA but your customers don't use it.

You delay introducing MFA to avoid negatively impacting your customers.

Here's why having MFA is now more important than ever

Risk reduction >
According to ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report, two billion usernames and passwords were compromised in 2021 alone - an increase of over 35% from 2020.
Effective mitigation >
99% of accounts compromised by attackers did not use MFA according to Microsoft.
Meaningful change >
Google experienced a 50% decrease in account breaches after it mandated MFA across 150 million customers.
Business enablement >
According to Thales, MFA is a required by most insurance agencies to qualify for cyber insurance coverage.

Introducing a new type of MFA.
A strong, silent type.

Strong customer authentication using multi-factor methods is proven to mitigate fraud, phishing and account takeover. However, conventional MFA approaches are creating usability issues, leading to new types of threats and slowing down business. Haventec Silent MFA, powered by advanced cryptography, is designed to eliminate MFA pain points and lower barriers to adoption so you can confidently secure your organisation.

Maintain the way your customers sign in

Your customers simply enter their username and password (just as they do now) and Haventec Silent MFA takes place in the background. No need to switch devices or applications for secure authentication.

Streamline MFA onboarding

Avoid the pain of change management, customer education and support calls inundating your call centre. With Haventec Silent MFA you have the choice to silently onboard your customers or reverify them during a one-time activation process.

Achieve more with less

With the cost of fraud and cyber insurance on the rise, and the complication and operational cost of change management, Haventec Silent MFA will save your organisation time, effort and money.

Position your organisation for the future of authentication

Haventec Silent MFA is the foundation for evolving passwordless and verifiable authentication methods and aligns with the emerging opportunities of Web3.

Say goodbye to confusing, time consuming and costly multi-factor authentication.

Key features of Haventec Silent MFA:

  • All of your customers have MFA protection on by default every time they log in;

  • The device-agnostic technology means that Haventec Silent MFA works for every user and every transaction;

  • The Haventec platform includes standards-based integration with leading IAM solutions including Microsoft and Auth0;

  • The silent onboarding option allows you to quickly and confidently onboard your customers;

  • Meets MFA requirements for compliance standards, including the Essential 8’s multi-factor authentication maturity levels;

  • Haventec Silent MFA coexists with your existing IAM platform and other authentication solutions; and

  • Our team can help you get up and running in weeks, not months.

Talk to us today to learn how Haventec Silent MFA delivers the benefits of seamless and high assurance authentication, without creating friction or slowing down business.