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Single-step Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

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Safe. Simple. Secure.

In a world beset by data breaches, the traditional password is leaving you and your customers vulnerable to exploitation. 

Only Haventec Authenticate provides a genuinely passwordless technology that completely eliminates passwords, shared secrets and friction.

Build secure digital experiences, at scale.

Go live with confidence
Ensure speed to market, accelerate adoption and grow your business.
Build, integrate and scale
Innovate at pace with elegant​ implementation and SAML, FIDO and Open ID integration.
Reduce risk

Eliminate phishing and credential theft with our unique single-step passwordless MFA.


Improve customer experience

Achieve a unified experience across all devices, reduce churn and ensure happy customers.

Australia's #1 digital bank transforms customer experience with Haventec

  • Sign-up and transact in less than 2 minutes
  • Eliminate phishing
  • Delight customers at every interaction
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Features you'll love

Secure by default

Haventec Authenticate is passwordless and secure by default. With our unique patented decentralisation technology, we eliminate the need for passwords and shared secrets.
Secure By Default

Elegant UX

Give your users choice with authentication options that cover PIN and Biometrics. Ensure security, accessibility and convenience are at the heart of your application so you can attract, retain and grow your customer base.
Pin and Biometric Options with Haventec

Seamless MFA

Fast-track the adoption of multi-factor authentication across your customer base. Our single-step MFA technology means that your users will no longer need to switch devices or applications for secure authentication.

Seamless MFA

Flexible Integrations

Make the most of your IDAM investment and easily integrate Haventec Authenticate with solutions from Microsoft, Auth0, OKTA, Ping, ForgeRock and others.

Our standards based integration includes SAML, FIDO2 and OpenID Connect.

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