Haventec helps you build trust

We believe everyone has the right to privacy and safety online.

And businesses want to feel assured their customers and staff are interacting safely online.

Haventec’s cyber security technologies make it easier for people to protect and control their valuable data — and in turn, help build trust in every interaction with your organisation.

Our products are based on a simple, powerful idea: decentralise data access security and everyone’s data is safer.

We remove the single greatest security risk for organisations: theft of sensitive user data.


Haventec Authenticate decentralises authentication to protect against fraud:

  • Removes need for centrally stored password
  • Prevents mass account breaches
  • Protects against common attacks such as phishing, social engineering and shoulder surfing
  • Breaks identity data into multiple parts and separates them across multiple locations
  • Allows the user to authenticate with a simple secret that is never stored anywhere
  • Changes the keys and re-encrypts data for every transaction

Download Haventec Authenticate brochure [PDF 353KB]


Haventec Sanctum decentralises valuable data to keep it private and safe:

  • Removes sensitive customer information off the network and prevents data loss
  • Keeps data private, easing burden of compliance with privacy and breach notification legislation
  • Reduces hackers’ motivation to attack systems
  • Securely manages data in decentralised environments – online and offline vaults
  • Safely recalls data at any time to authorised users
  • Restores control of critical information to the owner

Download Haventec Sanctum brochure [PDF 335KB]


We make online business easier and safer

Our core values reflect Haventec’s commitment to helping people and organisations build trust:

  1. Decentralise critical information
  2. Reduce organisations’ security risk
  3. Simplify user experience
  4. Offer solutions that are easy to configure and scale

Haventec’s security essentials

  • Ensure valuable data is encrypted and locked with keys that can’t be stolen or easily guessed. (Retire the oldest model of authentication: username and password.)
  • Remove private data from the network – or at least ensure it is not visible by anyone without the correct authorisation from the individual owner.
  • Restore privacy and improve responsible data management by giving each rightful data owner back control of how their private data is used, including how much of it needs to be shared to validate an interaction or transaction.
  • Separate authentication layers from the systems, servers and applications they’re protecting. This means ensuring access keys are not only strongly encrypted – they’re no longer stored in their entirety in one place.
Revolutionise your organisation’s cyber security.