Pitch frenzy at UK Startup Games

Pitch frenzy at UK Startup Games

By Edora David, Strategic Support at Haventec

A full day of competitive pitching can be nerve-wracking though it should also be fun. That’s the advice from Trish Fowler at the UK Department for International Trade, British Consulate-General, which hosts the Startup Games around the world:

“The start-up games includes full day of coaching, teaching, mentoring and practical sessions, cunningly disguised within an absorbing game, simulating the highs and lows of start-up life,” explains Trish. “It’s a good fit for Haventec, as we are aiming at different start up stages including more mature ones”.

Trish was right. It was less like the Hunger Games and more like the friendlier Commonwealth Games, with fast-paced pitch and feedback sessions to help us sharpen our game.

Pitching alongside 50 other Aussie startups Haventec gained plenty of fresh perspectives on how we can sell cyber security innovation to a variety of audiences, including technologists who want to understand how it all works, to C-level execs who want it to deliver results.