Cyber security tech trends at RSA conference 2017

Cyber security tech trends at RSA conference 2017

By Naveen Neti, Chief Engineer, at Haventec

Although I’d never experienced anything like the huge RSA Conference in San Fran, I was already confident we’d gain a lot from the trip as all my research showed the US is very positive and supportive of technology start-ups.  The short version of this report is that the US security tech industry ‘gets us’.

The big technology trends being talked about at the RSA Conference circle some of the challenges in our industry:

(1)   Endpoint security – the basic concept is that because a lot of common attacks happen on the user’s device itself, such as a laptop or smartphone, more needs to be done about both hardware and software security on portable devices and their connections to the outside world (via WiFi, Bluetooth and SIM cards). There are plenty of products in this space already, though still a lot of market opportunity as most people own multiple devices and haven’t done much to secure them.

(2)   Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for server log management – tracking activity on a server or network is a huge chore well beyond human capability as we just can’t process the mass of information ourselves to spot most of the malicious behaviour. While most corporate users already expect all interactions to be monitored, some people are a bit slack about data security. As it only takes one device to be compromised to do damage to an organisation, smarter AI is being used to help close the gap.

There are still a lot of vendors making and selling password managers, though everyone we spoke with seemed very interested in the possibilities of password-less authentication. Our technology is in a very new market, with no big competitors. It’s a good position to be in.