Haventec Authenticate
+ Auth0

Easily integrate Haventec Authenticate with Auth0 to enable seamless passwordless authentication and reduce the risk of credential theft.

The Challenge

  • Passwords and shared secrets are a primary target for hackers and leave your organisation and customers vulnerable to exploitation.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) significantly reduces risk but introduces a host of challenges including customer onboarding and added authentication friction.

  • Product owners are looking to reduce risk, avoid disruption, and protect brand reputation without impacting user experience.

The Solution

  • Integrate Haventec Authenticate with Auth0 to provide a consistent and secure passwordless MFA experience across mobile and desktop devices.

  • Seamlessly onboard customers to Haventec Authenticate’s passwordless MFA. The MFA process is silent and invisible to the user.

  • Completely eliminate passwords and shared secrets from your environment to significantly reduce phishing, credential theft and account takeover risks.

  • Offer your customers choice between a PIN and a Biometric factor for authentication.

Leverage a phased approach to passwordless MFA

Customers have been conditioned to the use of usernames and passwords and often see this authentication method as familiar and secure. For this reason, some organisations prefer a phased approach to passwordless MFA. Haventec Authenticate supports a phased approach by providing choice and enabling you to offer your customers:

  • Traditional username and password authentication with MFA silently enabled to reduce risk

  • The option to use a PIN to replace username/password combinations and offer a genuinely passwordless MFA experience that is consistent across digital channels

  • Biometric authentication for devices with biometric capability

This phased approach ensures app developers can take products and security into the future without disruption, while keeping customer preferences front of mind.

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