About us

Safe access to digital services is a human right.
This is why Haventec was founded. 

Our mission is to enable organisations and individuals to thrive in an era of remarkable connectivity.
That's why we provide platforms that ensure trust and delight are at the heart of your application.

Innovate with confidence

At the core of the Haventec proposition is a bold idea, beautifully executed – protecting digital identities from harm – a key pillar of digital trust.

We have developed award winning decentralised platforms that eliminate the need to centrally store digital identities, credentials and data. For organisations, consumers and citizens, it's time to grow your business, innovate and transact online with confidence.

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Haventec Office Sydney
When I agreed to cofound Haventec, I wanted to build a world where my parents could remember a 4 digit PIN and safely use it to logon to everything. Their bank, their grocery store, their electricity company, their email service. 
Ric Richardson
Co-Founder, Haventec

Our core values

We are generous, open and want to help people. We are committed to excellence.

We work well as a team and build on our strengths together.

By being authentic and aiming for excellence we win more than satisfied customers, we gain loyal customers.
We are open and truthful with ourselves and with others.

Our honesty helps us work well together. We share accurate information and feedback. Our frankness enhances our customer relationships.

We acknowledge and respond to feedback, and we are clear about how we will solve challenges.
We treat everyone respectfully and fairly.

We appreciate each person we work with for their unique qualities and the strengths they bring to the team.

We listen to our customers to understand their needs so we can help solve their business challenges.
We build trust by being reliable and protecting confidential information.

We keep our promises to each other and our customers.

We help our customers build trust within their own networks of people.

We're Hiring

At Haventec we pride ourselves on our values and company culture. Our company is built up of professionals who are hard working and driven to deliver the common good internally and for our customers. 

If you would like to be considered for an opportunity at Haventec, please email your resume to info@haventec.com and we will contact you once a suitable role is available.
Haventec Careers


Haventec’s internationally patented cyber security technology is the key to securing your critical data and credentials.

We know that organisations can struggle to contain security issues while supporting individual people’s access to important systems and participation in financial transactions.

We use proprietary implementations of established technology frameworks including:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) – key pair implemented with PIN.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – control of your own data and your privacy.
  • Blockchain – removing the need logins, passwords and central ID stores for network security management.


Authenticate uses TLS in a novel way: new users must first nominate something they know, e.g. a PIN. This PIN is never stored anywhere. The PIN is used to deconstruct a private key into a delta of the key. The user’s device is registered into the system with the encrypted delta of the private key. Authenticate then requires the encrypted delta from the device, the server side public key and the PIN for a successful authentication.


Sanctum also uses the Authenticate key system, but this time it allows the user to securely store their sensitive data  on their device. In a credit card transaction, for example, the Sanctum key generation allows a merchant access to process the credit card information without need the merchant to store the user’s credit card details, eliminating their PCI related risks and costs.

Independent testing
Haventec engages three independent security testing teams to test our products:

Independent cryptographic reviews.
Independent resilience testing.
Independent security penetration testing.