Australian Cyber Security on show at RSA conference in SF

Australian Cyber Security on show at RSA conference in SF

By Robert Morrish, CEO

We already suspected it, though it was still eye-opening to experience first-hand just how novel our technology is in the cyber security world.

When we joined Austrade’s delegation to the RSA Conference in San Francisco mid-February 2017 our aim was mostly to build Haventec’s company profile, as well as making quality connections with potential partners and clients.

We’d already made some steps into the US market through our partnerships with AMP Technologies and Alpha Payments Cloud and the RSA Conference helped us build on that momentum.

Equally importantly, we were able to fine-tune our pitch for the US market in early meetings with new clients introduced by AMP Technologies and Nuix before heading out to meet other organisations with Austrade. Listening to questions from new acquaintances as well as ongoing feedback from other members of the delegation was invaluable – pitching our story is simply the best way to refine it.

We’re very happy that we heard very few objections (and those we did helped us adjust our pitch further). The American market is very open and receptive to our technology, on a bigger scale than Australia, and we’ve gained fantastic insights into industry best practice and trends, particularly in finance, defence, healthcare and critical infrastructure.