Alphahub Decentralises Authentication and Payments With Haventec


Alphahub Decentralises Authentication and Payments With Haventec

Innovative payments platform AlphaHub offers clients new Haventec payment security and ID authentication services built on a stronger blockchain.

Sydney, Tuesday 11 October 2016: Alpha Payments Cloud, a leader in innovative commerce solution access technology, is delighted to partner with Haventec, a young Australian business revolutionising online security and network trust.

“Trust is a major differentiator between one company and the next, but it can’t simply be bought,” said Timmy Alassad, Head of Business Australian at Alpha Payments Cloud. “You gain trust by consistently proving your integrity and reliability in each interaction with your customers.”

“Trust is an essential component of modern commercial relationships – and protecting sensitive user data is paramount in creating and maintaining that trust,” added Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec. “Every data security risk you can remove can help build up a customer’s confidence in doing business with you.”

Alpha Payments Cloud delivers highly secure payment and authentication solutions for international banks, payment service providers and merchants through the AlphaHub platform.

AlphaHub is a single ecosystem that seamlessly connects each stakeholder through a single interface:

  • Payment Providers use AlphaHub to promote and provision their solutions;
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions use AlphaHub to access and sell these solutions; and
  • Merchants access it to use and customise the most relevant solutions for their locations and customer bases.

As a result of this partnership, Alpha Payments cloud will become Haventec’s preferred integration provider for its identity authentication service, Haventec Authenticate, and its secure payment service, Secure Wallet.

Haventec Authenticate is Haventec’s reimagining of authentication – from login-plus-password to decentralised ID and a genuinely private PIN – that removes liability and builds trust between businesses and their customers.

Haventec Secure Wallet decentralises payment data and removes the need for merchants to store customers’ ID and credit card information

We look forward to exposing these innovative and essential solutions to AlphaHub users.

One Platform. Infinite Access.

Alpha Payments Cloud consolidates the entire payments world onto one Payments-as-a-Service platform, the AlphaHub, that enables Banks, Merchants, PSPs and ISOs to access any payment type, any solution provider, anywhere in the World.

The depth and range of connected service providers and solutions span across the entire transactional, risk management and commerce solution spectrum. There are over 250 third-party solutions, and a suite of proprietary solutions accessible.

Additionally, the AlphaHub’s orchestration engine enables users to customize down to the individual transaction layer using conditional logic, leveraging each solution’s unique functionality and benefits.

Revolutionising online security and network trust.

Haventec helps organisations build trust by maintaining their customers’ privacy in every interaction. The Sydney-based company aims to disrupt the global cyber security market with a decentralised approach to authentication.

Haventec’s internationally patented technologies dramatically reduce cyber risk and enable pervasive trust services for organisations of all sizes. Haventec’s solutions empower each user to own and control their identity and personal data, while removing vulnerabilities that organisations spend millions trying to protect.

Haventec’s security products target the following markets: identity access management, digital online payments and enterprise network security. Haventec’s portfolio of products includes Authenticate, Secure Wallet and Blockchain Platinum.

Robert Morrish, CEO, Haventec is presenting at Tech23.