Whitepaper: Reducing your data security risks using decentralisation

Traditional central authentication stores might be convenient for organisations, but they are very attractive targets for hackers:

  • One breach can yield a very high reward – once hackers are inside a server holding authentication records they know they can access a wealth of information, including the keys (such as usernames and passwords) to help unlock other systems and records.
    (81% of all data breaches originate from a weak password being compromised)
  • Multiple attack vectors – central stores are vulnerable to common attack vectors including password cracking, malware keylogging, shoulder surfing, social engineering and phishing.

If central stores of identity are so vulnerable what are organisations doing to remove these vulnerabilities?

Read our whitepaper: Reducing your data security risks using decentralisation [Also available as a PDF download]

And find out…

  • …The problems with central stores of data
  • …How decentralisation of private data works
  • …Why rolling key encryption makes data safer
  • …Ways to improve the user access experience