Haventec’s core engine – platform as a service

Haventec’s core engine helps organisations manage cyber security risk with a decentralised approach to authentication

By decentralising user ID and authentication, financial transactions and network access management we’re removing the greatest vulnerabilities that enterprises spend billions trying to protect.

Our core platform can be used to deliver technologies that support:

No central password

  • Decentralises user identity and eliminates central password stores
  • Gives users a consistent experience across every device
  • Protects users from credential theft

Safe and easy e-commerce

  • Decentralises credit payment controls
  • Easy and secure one click payment
  • Increase sales by reducing checkout dropouts

Device identity control

  • Decentralises device identity controls
  • Protects device and communication channel, not perimeter
  • Eliminates the need for certificates as a form of device identity



Revolutionise your organisation’s cyber security.