Haventec patented security technology

Haventec’s internationally patented cyber security technology is the key to secure, private havens for your critical information

We know that organisations can struggle to contain security issues while supporting individual people’s access to important systems and participation in financial transactions.

We use proprietary implementations of established technology frameworks including:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) – key pair implemented with PIN
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – control of your own data and your privacy
  • Blockchain – removing the need logins, passwords and central ID stores for network security management

Haven Authenticate

Authenticate uses TLS in a novel way: new users must first nominate a PIN, however this PIN is never stored anywhere. The PIN is used to deconstruct a private key into a delta of the key. The user’s device is registered into the system with the encrypted delta of the private key. Authenticate then requires the encrypted delta from the device, the server side public key and the PIN for a successful authentication.

Secure Wallet

Sanctum also uses the Authenticate key system, but this time it allows the user to securely store their private information and credit card details locally on their device. The key generations allow the merchant access to process the encrypted credit card information for payment. This system means the merchant never needs to store the user’s credit card details, eliminating their PCI compliance challenges.


Independent testing

Haventec engages three independent security testing teams to pressure test our products:

  1. Independent cryptographic reviews
  2. independent resilience testing
  3. independent security penetration testing


Ask us how your organisation can decentralise secure interactions.