Haventec Blockchain Platinum

Haventec Blockchain Platinum

Blockchain Platinum decentralises device ID management (trust certificates) into a distributed and adaptive layer of trust between machines

Network security managers have long had to compromise on access management:

  • Locking down sensitive data in restricted locations
  • Supporting authorised users to complete their essential interactions.

Blockchain Platinum uses the Haventec Authenticate key system to build a layer of trust for each device on a network. It securely manages device signatures on the Blockchain wallet, locking it to a single device and preventing theft or duplication of the wallet.

BitTokens are then sent between wallets as pings to establish a distributed ledger of trust for network machine identities, which removes the need for central device certificate stores.

Managing trust for personal devices on corporate networks

Blockchain Platinum can be used to audit every interaction by your device on a network. By building up more trust a device can be granted better access.

Though just because your device is audited more, doesn’t mean you lose control of it.

Haventec Blockchain Platinum gives you more control of your identity and allows you to interact securely. Your authentication data is:

  • Stored locally by you on your own device (you must have your authenticated device plus your PIN to interact)
  • Stored securely by you, with access controls set by you – and trust on a network built up over time
  • Encrypted by you with a unique PIN for your key known only by you (i.e. the only person who can decrypt your key is you)
  • Choice of allowing one-off interactions on other devices – secured with one-time authentication (for example, if you’re borrowing a laptop)



Prevent ‘Man in the Middle’ attacks while building trust for device identities.