Partnerships: Haventec products in the Fastlane for resilience

Partnerships: Haventec products in the Fastlane for resilience

Fastlane Solutions

Fastlane Solutions, a Sydney-based professional services company that provides rapid delivery capabilities to its clients has been testing the resilience of Haventec’s products prior to release.

“Haventec appointed Fastlane as an Integration Partner of its portfolio of products at the Tech23 Australian Innovation Forum,” explained Egor Cole, founder and principal consultant at Fastlane.

Cole noted that Fastlane’s mission is to take organisations from good to enterprises capable of continuous delivery and improvement beyond expectations using its seamless agile solutions.

“Our core expertise is in enabling smarter enterprises through continuous integration, agility and delivery,” added Den Burykin, Director of Fastlane Solutions. “Fastlane Solutions tailored its Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery framework and used it to automate performance testing and benchmark the resilience of Haventec products.”

Fastlane Solutions worked extensively with Haventec’s in-house development team to ensure Authenticate product performance, resilience and scalability.

“After an extremely successful marketing campaign, our team designed and implemented a suite of automated load tests,” said Cole. “These tests simulated real users’ behaviour in various realistic scenarios, such as:

  •    ‘normal use’,
  •    ‘peak use’ and
  •    ‘system overload’.

This enabled Haventec’s team to optimise the Authenticate solution to scale up to potentially hundreds of millions of users.”

Fastlane takes a lean approach to project management, which Burykin explained empowers enterprise level performance and efficiency:

“Our uniquely developed framework of integrated Agile and automation systems then provides rapid delivery across any technological landscape,” Burykin said. “The rollout of the framework was delivered in the shortest timeframes to the highest expectations of the customer.

“We are extremely proud to be involved in the new success story in the Australian startup world that is making a real difference and redefining the landscape of digital security and identity/authentication management.”