Partnerships: AMP secures Commercial Real Estate with Authenticate

Partnerships: AMP secures Commercial Real Estate with Authenticate

AMP Technologies

Haventec entered an agreement with US-based commercial real estate management technology provider AMP Technologies  in October 2016.

AMP has licensed Haventec’s password-less Authenticate as a premium product for clients on its platform.

Haventec’s robust user authentication and network security technologies will help businesses protect their corporate assets online, whether they’re accessing them via ubiquitous mobile and cloud or on a corporate network.

“We’re focused on making secure transactions easier and safer for everyday people and the organizations that serve them,” said Rob Morrish, CEO, Haventec. “Our partnership with AMP allows us to now serve the Commercial Real Estate industry just as we serve other key industry segments, with the highest dedication to building a network of trust by using the most advanced capabilities available.”

“The Commercial Real Estate community has the opportunity to harness the power of intelligent security from Haventec, who is internationally recognized as a leader and industry game changer,” noted Neel Naicker, Co-Founder and CEO, AMP Technologies. “Integration between AMP and Haventec will predict and prevent future risk for our Users and Partner Network, quickly identifying and eliminating network breaches that could potentially harm an organization and its customers.

“This partnership introduces a new way of managing real estate assets at all levels, in a safe and protected environment, across all devices and from anywhere in the world.”

AMP Technologies’ platform was built to simply asset management across the commercial real estate sector, while reducing running costs and increasing revenue.

It offers a smart collection of digital tools for managers at every level including business intelligence, valuations, debt management, leasing, social and asset management all designed to deliver real time information to support effective analysis and decision making.