Our team

Haventec’s leadership team

Haventec’s leaders have significant experience in developing and commercialising technology solutions for today’s business challenges.

In our previous roles we worked with major financial institutions and software companies locally and internationally, as well as consulting to government and industry groups on diverse challenges such as cybersecurity, software management and data integrity.



Ric Richardson, co-founder

Ric Richardson is the inventor of Software Activation and founder of Uniloc and has over 200 registered patents to his name. Ric has also had two Australian Stories run on him by the ABC, the most recent of which focused on his success with Uniloc and the fact that he had successfully defended his software patents in the US high courts against Microsoft. Ric comes with extensive experience in building technology companies and is the core inventor and patent author behind the Haventec solutions.

Tony Castagna

Dr Tony Castagna, co-founder

Dr Tony Castagna is a technology Venture Capitalist with extensive experience in building successful technology companies across the world. Tony is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at UTS. He is the co-founder and Chairman of several companies including Nuix, another Australian cyber security technology company focused on data forensics; in addition to, the commercialisation and development of technology companies through his active involvement with CMT, a Federal Government CMCRC.

Robert Morrish

Robert Morrish, CEO

Robert Morrish joined Haventec from Macquarie Group where he was Head of Digital Architecture and Strategy.

Robert’s deep technical understanding from his software systems engineering, architecture and consulting background gives him with the ideal skills to direct and drive the growth of the Haventec business from a technological, product and commercialisation perspective.

Vernon Murdoch

Vernon Murdoch, Chief Architect

Vernon Murdoch became Haventec’s Chief Architect in August 2016. He joined from the Macquarie Group, where he consulted on its internet and intranet security solutions to help make it the number one digital bank. Before Macquarie, Vernon worked in the IBM Gold Coast Security Labs as a software architect and development lead. He worked on many of IBM’s mainstream Tivoli Security products, with a strong focus on the Access, Identity and Federation product lines.

Vernon has more than 20 years of software experience and has been part of many security standards boards.
He is fluent in more than 30 programming and scripting languages and in recent years has refined methods for securely and efficiently implementing applications in modern just in time (JIT) compiled languages.

Naveen Neti

Naveen Neti, Chief Engineer

Naveen became Haventec’s Chief Engineer in May 2015. He was headhunted from a graduate program at Ernst & Young where he was working as a consultant within the Risk Assurance practice.

Naveen graduated from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a combined degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Software) (Hons) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance). He began his career as a research assistant at the School of Computer Science and Engineering within the Embedded Systems Laboratory at UNSW. Naveen has deep understanding in developing secure web based systems, Windows-based malware and cryptography.