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Whitepaper: what’s wrong with passwords?

Read our Whitepaper: What's wrong with passwords? Inside you'll find out... Why ancient password issues still exist. Are your passwords really safe? How hackers exploit reused passwords. And the problems with mobile authentication.

Sanctum decentralises private transactions

We’re pleased to announce Haventec is making one-click transactions safer and easier with our Sanctum product. Haventec Sanctum is a revolution in the handling of critical data such as personal credit information (PCI), personal health information and other forms of personally identifiable information.

Introducing Chris Pogue, CISO at Haventec

Chris Pogue joins Haventec as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with close to 20 years’ experience in cyber security, including working with Haventec’s security partner Nuix. Chris draws interesting parallels with the role of a Chief Information Security Officer in the corporate world and a Warrant Officer in the army.

Ric Richardson’s patently good lessons

Ric Richardson, inventor and co-founder at Haventec shares the patent lessons gained during his Uniloc days: "If you look at the act of filing for a patent, you are actually laying your invention on the line -- and very publicly."  

Passwords are an ancient concept

The concept of a password had its roots in armies and secret clubs, but as the inventor of the computer password Prof Fernando Corbato of MIT has admitted: “Unfortunately it’s become kind of a nightmare with the Web."