Haventec and AMP Technologies Partner to Enhance Security and Enterprise Mobility in Commercial Real Estate


Haventec and AMP Technologies Partner to Enhance Security and Enterprise Mobility in Commercial Real Estate

Revolutionizing online security and network trust with the most advanced capabilities available. Haventec and AMP are changing the way organizations drive business within a completely secure digital environment.

San Francisco, CA – Today, AMP Technologies and Haventec announced a powerful global partnership that will transform online security for Commercial Real Estate. We live in a fast pace mobile-first – cloud-first business world; organizations need to protect their corporate assets more than ever. In anticipation of these growing security needs, Haventec, the world leader in online security, joined forces with award winning AMP Technologies to deliver the supremely robust user authentication and network security technologies.

“At Haventec we’re focused on making secure transactions easier and safer for everyday people AND the organizations that serve them,” shares Robert Morrish, CEO, Haventec. “Our partnership with AMP allows us to now serve the Commercial Real Estate industry just as we serve other key industry segments, with the highest dedication to building a network of trust by using the most advanced capabilities available.”

“The Commercial Real Estate community has the opportunity to harness the power of intelligent security from Haventec, who is internationally recognized as a leader and industry game changer,” noted Neel Naicker, Co-Founder and CEO, AMP Technologies. “Integration between AMP and Haventec will predict and prevent future risk for our Users and Partner Network, quickly identifying and eliminating network breaches that could potentially harm an organization and its customers. This partnership introduces a new way of managing real estate assets at all levels, in a safe and protected environment, across all devices and from anywhere in the world.”

Haventec offers three main advanced use cases:

  1. Identity and Access Management: Offing a secure log-in into any kind of application
  2. Transaction Security: Secure payments and other private transactions with only one click
  3. Network Security: Securing corporate networks with decentralized user authentication

Organizations must approach their enterprise security challenges holistically, or they will find themselves at risk.   AMP is constantly looking to improve and protect its User experience; with security threats at an all time high it looked for the very best security partner in the field. This integration will change the security landscape for the Commercial Real Estate industry, providing more confidence and trust so organizations can focus on serving their customers with a new sense of freedom and complete flexibility.

About AMP Technologies

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AMP Technologies is completely transforming the Commercial Real Estate industry. AMP’s platform was built specifically to simplify asset management: increasing revenue, decreasing operating costs. A flexible Digital Operating platform that includes business intelligence, valuations, asset management, debt management, leasing, and social interaction. Whether you are an investor, lender, owner, operator, manager, broker, tenant, or a building occupant, AMP gives you real time access to everything that improves your performance and experience.

AMP provides the key tools needed at every level of management for effective analysis and decision-making. For more information, visit AMP Technologies on the web at http://www.theamp.com.

About Haventec

Haventec was formed in November 2014 by co-founders Ric Richardson and Tony Castagna. Robert Morrish recently joined the team as CEO from Macquarie Group. The Haventec leadership team has extensive experience in developing and commercializing technology solutions that combat and tame complexity and mitigate cyber security threats within high-risk digital environments.

Haventec’s team has significant experience in commercialization, project management, business management and technology expertise across Australian and international companies.