Partnerships: Alpha Payments Cloud introduces Haventec to its commerce clients

Partnerships: Alpha Payments Cloud introduces Haventec to its commerce clients

Alpha Payments Cloud

Alpha Payments Cloud , a global payments integration solution provider with offices in Singapore, Ireland and the United States will serve as Haventec’s preferred integration partner for Authenticate and Sanctum.

Alpha Payments Cloud delivers highly secure payment and authentication solutions for international banks, payment service providers and merchants through the AlphaHub platform.

Timmy Alassad, Head of Business Australia at Alpha Payments Cloud, said the firm is delighted to partner with Haventec, noting that the young Australian business is revolutionising online security and network trust:

“Trust is a major differentiator between one company and the next, but it can’t simply be bought,” said Timmy. “You gain trust by consistently proving your integrity and reliability in each interaction with your customers.”

“Trust is an essential component of modern commercial relationships – and protecting sensitive user data is paramount in creating and maintaining that trust,” added Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec. “Every data security risk you can remove can help build up a customer’s confidence in doing business with you.”

AlphaHub’s single ecosystem seamlessly connects each stakeholder through a single interface:

  • Payment Providers use AlphaHub to promote and provision their solutions;
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions use AlphaHub to access and sell these solutions; and

• Merchants access it to use and customise the most relevant solutions for their locations and customer bases.