December 6, 2016

Haventec December 2016 newsletter

Discover what is happening at Haventec as we head into a new year -- including our recent partnership announcements with AMP Technologies, Alpha Payments Cloud and Fastlane Solutions; and some great insights from Ric Richardson, Rob Morrish and Vernon Murdoch.

Ric Richardson’s patently good lessons

Ric Richardson, inventor and co-founder at Haventec shares the patent lessons gained during his Uniloc days: "If you look at the act of filing for a patent, you are actually laying your invention on the line -- and very publicly."  

Passwords are an ancient concept

The concept of a password had its roots in armies and secret clubs, but as the inventor of the computer password Prof Fernando Corbato of MIT has admitted: “Unfortunately it’s become kind of a nightmare with the Web."