Haventec Sanctum

Haventec Sanctum

Haventec Sanctum decentralises private records and payment data, removing the need for merchants to store customers’ ID and credit card information

Sanctum is a new approach to adaptive security. Once you have initiated a profile the system will then constantly change the keys on its side – and only you will know the rest of the key (the PIN).

Sanctum will then monitor regular behaviour in the system to build a profile of authentication and service access.

If the profile does something new, the system adapts. It starts by asking for extra authentication (to validate the non-normal behaviour) and updates the profile.

But unlike traditional financial transaction systems, our Sanctum vaultware doesn’t have a data shadow – it won’t see or record what you bought or how much you paid.

One-click secure transactions that don’t cast a data shadow

Most of us now know where our smartphone is at all times. Our research shows that this simple awareness of the location of a personal device helps improve the security of the device itself.

Haventec Sanctum helps secure your personal ID and other sensitive information, such as financial data, on any device you nominate. It does this by using the Authenticate key system so that you can securely store your credit card details locally on your Authenticate-secured device.

By giving you back control of your financial data Haventec also removes the need for vendors to ever store some of that sensitive data at all.

When you use Haventec Sanctum to transact, the vendor will never get your credit card or other financial information. You simply pay with one click, and the authentication and financial transaction is managed as a single instance.

You keep your card details to yourself. This also means that vendors won’t have the PCI compliance challenges they currently face. So fraud risk is cut.


Cut the cost of Fraud Management with Haventec Sanctum.