Haventec Authenticate

Haventec Authenticate

Authenticate decentralises personal identification data by replacing login and password with a PIN that only the user knows.

Haventec has found a way to remove the liability of a central security store.

We know that too often people use common passwords across multiple systems. So when a hacker finds one password they’ll try to exploit it across multiple systems until the password is changed.

But we’ve re-architected the whole authentication process: we don’t use the username and password model, so we’ve removed the need to store them.

PIN replaces password

Authenticate uses a PIN because it’s much easier to remember than a password. Better still, it’s not stored anywhere. As an individual user of Authenticate you set your own PIN.

This PIN is part of your unique key and only known by you.

The other part of the key is newly created by Authenticate for a one-time-only use in an individual transaction, which therefore cuts the lifespan of any exploit opportunity.

Haventec’s reimagining of authentication – from login-plus-password to decentralised ID and a genuinely private PIN – removes liability and builds trust between businesses and their customers.

We believe it’s a future-proof evolution in security: our testing to date shows Authenticate’s architecture is resistant to crypto-hacking, even by Quantum systems.

Authenticate is:

  • Highly scalable
  • Always on
  • Resistant to server errors
  • Efficiently deployable across multiple data centres


Remove the need for central ID data stores, and their inherent liability.